Prepare Yourself - mental break and reset assumptions on how to be successful in new role Accelerate Your Learning - understand new org and it’s markets, products, technologies, systems, structures, culture and politics. Need to be systematic Match Your Strategy to the Situation - make adjustments based on situation — do a clear diagnosis and use that to develop action plan Secure Early Wins- build credibility and create momentum, identify opportunities to build personal credibility, to create value and improve business results that will help you get to break even point more rapidly Negotiate Success - Need to figure out how to build a productive working relationship with new boss and manage expectations. Plan for series of critical conversations about situation, expectations, working style, resources and personal development Achieve Alignment - be an organizational architect. Figuring out if organizations / departments strategic direction is sound, bring structure into alignment with its strategy, developing processes and skill bases necessary for your strategic intent Build Your Team - evaluate, align, mobilize members. Restructure to better meet demands of situation, make tough early personnel calls and selecting the right people for the right positions, be both systematic and strategic Create Coalitions - be able to influence people outside direct line of control, supportive alliances (both internal and external) necessary to achieve goals, identify whose support is essential for your success Keep Your Balance - Maintain equilibrium and preserve ability to make good judgements , have a good advice and counsel network Accelerate Everyone - help all those in your organization accelerate their own transition